Ass Masturbator Vanilla The Back Door


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Ass Masturbator Vanilla the Back Door is a tight little x5 men palm-sized ass hole. It brings a user a more penetrating orgasm. It is crafted from an ultra-realistic and soft x5 material. This sex toy is assured to increase stroking sensations. This stroker is ideal for all lengths and can be cleaned easily because of being open-ended. You can watch yourself squirt as the rod pops the top.

To clean this sex toy, you can wash it with the help of clean water and soap. Do not forget to pat dry it using a clean towel. Also, permit it to completely air dry. Once it is completely dry, you can apply a light coating of corn starch. Take away extra corn starch using a clean towel.

It is compatible with silicone-based and water-based lubricants.

The dimension of Ass Masturbator Vanilla the Back Door is 12.7×6.35×5.72cm.

If you want to make better the time when you are engaged in sex, you can use this sex toy as it is an ideal one to meet your sexual desires and improve your sex experience either solo or with a sex partner of any gender.

Place an order to buy it  and you will be provided the best quality sex toy at an affordable price that you never have imagined.



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