Vibrating Ass Stroker Jenna Medium Mistress Dual Density


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Vibrating Ass Stroker Jenna Medium Mistress Dual Density has taken sex enthusiasts by a huge storm and in huge, sex lovers have fallen in love with this wonderful sex toy so they can enhance sex.

Firm entry with soft real anus design with perfectly textured tunned for greater pleasure makes it an ideal sex toy for all.

Full-size design with open-ended design makes cleaning up this pleasure toy an easy task.

Care and preservation-

Clean this sex toy thoroughly before using it and once you have used it, with the help of soap and water. Pat dry and scatter cornstarch powder to increase the existence of this sex toy.

Make sure that you store it in a cool and completely dust-free place in your home.


  • 1-touch bullet included
  • Firm entry
  • Super soft realistic
  • Real anus design
  • Perfectly textured tunnel
  • Full-size design
  • Open-ended design for easy cleaning

Product specifics-

  • Dimensions- 6”x3.5” (LxW)
  • Weight- 9.24 oz
  • Product type- Masturbator
  • Material- Made using Bioskin material, TPR
  • Color- Latte
  • Battery- L44 needed

Order online- is an ideal place to order this sex toy if you are restricted on a low budget and want it to get delivered faster and without letting others get an idea about it.



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